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Application Notes

#100: Immunoassays

This application note describes how to run a CRP immunoassay using a flex.flow microscope slide. It describes all necessary preparation steps and quantitative results of the assay.

#101: Pre-Cut COP sensor foils for microarray-based detection

This application note describes how pre-cut polymer foils can be used as microarray-based sensor foils on our cartridges.


#102: Pre-Cut COP sensor foils with 3D-Epoxy and spotted microarray

This application note shows the assembly of a functionalized pre-cut COP foil with microarray to a na.flow1 cartridge.

#103: Storage of liquid and dry reagents

This application note explains the concept of reagent storage in onsite.flow cartridges. Both liquid and dry reagents can be integrated. An example of dry reagent integration is shown.