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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can the pumps be bought individually?

No. The pumps are an integral part of the cartridges and cannot be used seperately.

Can the pumps/cartridges be re-used?

No. The pumps are single-shot pumps, thus they will work only for emptying the associated reservoir. Therefore, also the cartridges cannot be re-used; they are disposables.

What are the minimal / maximal flow rates?

A typical flow rate range of our cartridge-integrated pumps is between 0.1ul/s to 1.0ul/s. However smaller or larger values are possible. In general, due to the working principle of the pumps, it is possible to start pumping of a reservoir at higher flow rates than the ones possible at the end of reservoir emptying. For flex.flow slides we recommend to use the above mentioned values. If flow rates lower than 0.1ul/s are required, interval pumping is recommended over adjusting a very small flow rate in the software.

Can I stop pumping of one reservoir and later resume it?

In principle: Yes. However, if the time between two pumping steps of the same reservoir is too long, we recommend to use two different reservoirs.

flex.flow Slides & Evaluation Kit

Is it possible to pause (stop/resume) an assay sequence between two pumping steps?

Yes. You may stop the assay for a certain amount of seconds by only entering a duration of a time step, but not entering any flow rate for any of the pumps. You also may stop the assay to resume manually by not even entering a time for a time step.

Do all the reservoirs have to be filled, or can I leave some of them empty?

For our flex.flow series you have to fill and close them all before running the assay. Of course, you may use only water/buffer for the ones you do not use.

Customized Solutions

What reservoir volumes are possible

A typical range of reservoir volumes used in customized cartridges is between 25ul and 400ul. However we suggest to try to reduce the liquid volumes during development phase to keep the (customized) cartridge small.