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General Introduction Videos

Introduction to BiFlow Systems GmbH

Image Movie (YouTube)

A short introduction to the company, its technologies and services.

Technical Videos

HOWTO: preparation of a flex.flow cartridge

HOWTO prepare a flex.flow cartridge (YouTube)

Preparation of a flex.flow cartridge including mounting of a flow cell, filling of reservoirs and sealing.

HOWTO: pumping of a flex.flow cartridge

HOWTO pump a flex.flow cartridge (YouTube)

Setting up pump reservoir order and pump speed in BiFlow's Assay Manager Software and pumping a flex.flow cartridge using Evaluation Kit v5.

HOWTO: integration of reagents

HOWTO integrate reagents (YouTube)

This video illustrates how liquid or dry reagents can be integrated in BiFlow's cartridges. The video shows the release of dry reagents using an onsite.flow cartridge.

HOWTO: Heating and Pumping with an onsite.flow cartridge

flex.flow for bead-based assay (YouTube)

Thermochromic liquids are pumped through the sensor channel of an onsite.flow cartridge. The temperature in the sensor region is varied between 55°C and 70°C. For each temperature step, the liquid flow starts at a high flow rate which is then constantly reduced. The effect of bleaching of the thermochromic liquid depending on temperature and flow rates can clearly been seen.

Application Videos

Preparation of flex.flow slides for a bead-based assay

flex.flow for bead-based assay (YouTube)

A research team of Brandenburg University of Technology used our EvalKit v4 together with flex.flow slides and a customized flow cell for the bead-based detection of DNA and protein biomarkers. The used microbeads were both fluorescence-coded and size-coded.

The video shows the whole preparation of the flex.flow slide prior running the assay, including the assembly of the custormer-specific flow cell on the flex.flow cartridge.