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BioSensor Integration

BiFlow is "BioSensor Integration"

BiFlow has already equipped various types of biosensors with microfluidic functionality to get them closer to the point-of-need.

Biosensors all have different dimensions and different requirements regarding electrical, optical, mechanical, magnetic, and/or fluidic interfaces. The complexity of the microfluidic protocol differs as well.

Get started with our standard cartridges

The integration of biosensors typically starts with our standard cartridges and electronics which we designed to be as flexible as possible (Evaluation Kit).
Using those standard cartridges we then develop a sensor-specific flow cell with proper interfaces, enabling you to start with a quick and simple proof-of-concept (biosensor + cartridge).

Customized Cartridges

In a second phase, we support on translating more complex assays to the integrated system. Based on the experiences with standard cartridges a customized, sensor-specific cartridge design can be developed, including its fabrication, testing, and later upscaling.

Depending on the customer's expectations we either can support on instrument development, or just supply him with our OEM pump control electronics.

Assembly of a silicon-based biosensor on a flex.flow slide