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BiFlow Systems and M24You expand collaboration in manufacturing microfluidic IVD

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BiFlow and M24You alliance underpins commitment to increase manufacturing availability for microfluidic rapid diagnostic testing

  • After many years of close collaboration both parties agreed for a joint activity in massive scaling-up the qualified manufacturing process under ISO9001/13485
  • In combination with state of the art manufacturing technology from M2-Automation with high precision dispensing technology to enable BiFlow to scale-up microfluidic (microarray) manufacturing across the business
  • Joint activities will include co-working at BiFlow Systems, Chemnitz (Germany), and at M2/ M24You GmbH, headquarters in Berlin (Germany)

Chemnitz and Berlin, Germany, June 1, 2021:  BiFlow today did an important step in collaborating and selecting M24You as their technology provider and science partner for this effort. M2-Automation/ M24You manufactures and supplies full Automated High Precision Liquid Handling systems for the microfluidic IVD production process, scalable from R&D up Production for accelerating your development into diagnostic availability for global purposes.

M2-Automation’s key technology within Next-Generation High Precision Liquid Handling for diagnostic production platform allowing customers to operate within one system on different volume levels (picolitre, nanolitre, microlitre or millilitre) for ultimate high throughput manufacturing freedom, with real target recognition, dispensing process viewing or inline QC with auto-corrective sub-routines for perfectly produced diagnostics.

Dr. Jörg Nestler, Director of BiFlow Systems said: Since more than a decade we have been working on integrated microfluidic solutions for diagnostic applications. During the last years, we mainly focused on the amplification and the multi-parameter detection of DNA and RNA using fluorescence microarrays. With such microarrays it is possible– for example – to identify different bacterial species, antibiotic resistances or different viruses. To provide an even more complete solution for our customers we were looking for a certified partner with strong expertise in spotting technologies as well on microarray readout. With M24You we found an ideal partner for our future upscaling of manufacturing and for the joint development of new diagnostic solutions.

Mr. Ron Wolbert, MSc., Director of M24You GmbH, added: “Our strategic alliance will combine BiFlow’s expertise powered by M2-Automation’s ultra-precision liquid handing technology within iFOUR, iTWO, iONE- or iZERO-platforms and tackles the biggest challenges mankind is facing: “advanced multiplexing with the goal of improvement the healthcare worldwide”.

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About BiFlow Systems

BiFlow Systems is specialized in transferring complex diagnostic assays into small, chipcard-sized cartridges. This is achieved by a special, fully-integrated pumping, heating and valving technology. The company provides both, standard cartridges for evaluation and research purposes, as well as customized cartridges for various applications and customers. Only a tiny instrument is required to operate such self-contained cartridges. Due to the multiple functionalities which can be integrated into those cartridges the technology is well suited for various types of assays, such as DNA/RNA-based assays, cell-based assays or protein-based assays.

More details are available on, or more dedicated to microarray applications on

About M24You

M24You is the strategic partner of M2-Automation and act as the exclusive global sales partner of M2-Automation products. M24You provides solutions for ultrafast and precise liquid handling for research and development, production and contract manufacturing. We support our customers not only with a small dispensing platform, dedicated for research, but also with instruments dedicated for small, middle and high production levels. We are able to provide you with a complete equipment from microdispensing instruments till microarray readers for your application request. Video with our state-of-the-art technology is visible at:

M2-Automation, the manufacturer of this unique Next-Generation High Precision Liquid Handling systems, was founded in 2003 in Berlin, Germany. From the beginning, the company has been focused on production of various microdispensers, from pico- till microlitre volume ranges, with the highest possible accuracy. To satisfy customer needs or applications, there are possibilities to choose between contact and non-contact dispensers. The M2-Automation instruments are able to handle thousands of samples within 24 hours, are suitable for proteins, peptides, antibodies, DNA, glycans, cells, polymers, etc. on different targets like microtiter plates, microfluidics, CMOS or nitrocellulose with Spot on the Fly dispensing technology (3200 spots/sec).

Many instruments are produced modular, and adapted to our customer specifications and application requests. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly or via our distributors. More information can be found on our website: