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Beyond Polymers: Glass, Silicon, Piezo, Ceramics, ...

Microfluidic Chips in Glass

Where polymers provide not the optimal material properties for a specific microfluidic problem, glass may be an alternative. BiFlow can provide you with standard and customized glass chips. Such glass chips (as seen in the picture) typically contain a channel network and inlet/outlet holes. They have no intermediate layer and sharp channel edges. The bottom and top layers of the channel are completely flat and transparent.

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Silicon Structures

Integrated Heating

Besides being used for microfluidic applications directly, Silicon is known as a well-suited material, e.g., for PDMS casting and hot embossing. If you are interested microfluidic silicon chips or replication masters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Piezoelectric or Pyroelectric Materials

Piezoelectric or Pyroelectric materials (such as PZT, LiNbO3 or LiTaO3) are frequently used both as actuator and sensor material. BiFlow provides (micro-) structured chips composed of such materials, and is your partner for structuring those materials with customized layouts, holes, cavities, etc. As an example the picture shows a PZT chip with several slits. Contact us to learn more about our possibilities. .