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Integrated Pumping

Pumping principle

The low-cost, integrated pumping and valving technology of BiFlow Systems is based on an electrochemical reaction in a small chamber (about 0.1mm in height) underneath a deflectable membrane. The gas pressure produced by this reaction causes the membrane to deflect into the liquid reservoir above it. Thus the liquid is displaced into the microchannel system. The whole process can be controlled electrically.

Pumping of a flex.flow slide 

As the pumping process is not reversable it is well suited especially for one-shot dispensing and disposable applications. BiFlow Systems uses scalable polymer-based technologies only to allow low-cost and large-scale manufacturing of the devices.

Integrated Heating

Integrated Heating

Integrated heating is achieved by special (optional) heating elements inside BiFlow's cartridges. Temperature values of up to 75°C can be achieved and controlled.

Typically, heating is performed below the sensor region, e.g. for hybriziation or isothermal DNA amplification.  Please watch our

video on heating at different temperatures

on YouTube.



BiFlow hosts fabrication capabilities and competencies. This allows for both, reproducible manufacturing and quick upscaling of production for our customers. Besides optical inspection the fabrication quality is ensured by an internally-developed quality testing equipment for electrical and pneumatic functionality.